No water, no life!
Water is the most required element that is surely a need of life on earth. We cannot imagine existence of any kind of living thing on earth without water. This fact has now become the bitter truth of life. The current situation of water on earth is not in well condition. Though the level of water has increased in seas due to heavy rainfall and melting glaciers; but the fresh and clean water is still left in fewer amounts on earth.

Water is life! If there were no water, there would be no life! Do you know all life forms of all species of flora and fauna are able to live because of water? Water is the major component of cells, typically forming between 70% and 95% of the mass of the cell. This means 80% of our body mass is water. Not only we made up of water, it is the only transportation medium that carries the food molecules and oxygen to the cells of every body parts to help the blood. It signifies that water is the most essential ingredient to the functioning of life processes of every organism. So we see living this wonderful life is impossible without water!

So it is our responsibility to conserve this life nectar; therefore there are some small steps that may results big in matter of saving water:

  • Need to reconfirm or recheck all the leakage in faucets, pipes, taps or shower of houses.
  • Install high density toilet and small sized shower to avoid water wastage.
  • Tightly close the tap after use; in fact, for short period of time use stored water.
  • Rainwater harvesting is the best way of saving water. This water can be used further for gardening or washing your vehicle.
  • Before washing clothes, make sure that washing machine is fully loaded; so that minimum use of water may clean large number of clothes at one time.
  • Instead of watering plants in noon time, prefer to do in morning or evening time so that root of plants may moisturize for a long time.
  • Water meter should be installed at home so that you can check and alert by the misuse of water.
  • Spread awareness among people about the importance of water in our life; also advice them some useful tips about saving water. In fact March 22nd is declared as “World Water day” for inspiring people all over the world about the proper care and management of water.

Furthermore to conclude, water is tasteless and colorless with formula of H20. It’s importance for existence of life is known to all and also the current situation of it. It is hard to say that whether our new generation would be able to use water in future or not. If we really want our future to grow in a healthy and safe environment then we should definitely do efforts for saving water without which life is not possible any more.

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